Kitchen Makeover on a Budget


kitchen beforeWe have lived in our house for 14 years and this kitchen was dated even back then. My husband and I tossed around many different ideas on how we would redo the kitchen, but we could never agree on anything.  My husband wanted direct replacement cabinets, but I on the other hand wanted to do a little more, if you know what I mean.  So the years came and went and the kitchen stayed the same except of course for the appliances. When each of the appliances crapped out we replaced it with stainless steel.  It wasn’t long before there wasn’t a white appliance anywhere in site.

Than one day while I was on FaceBook I came across a post from Becca over at Adventures in Decorating, and I was floored by how she transformed her kitchen with just paint.  Which you can see here … Adventures in Decorating  Now my cabinets needed a little bit more than just paint and can you even paint formica?? I began googling and youtubing and didn’t stop until I had found what I was looking for. You can find anything on YouTube. I came across a video where the person transformed ugly old cabinets into shaker style just by simply adding wood trim.  Now I was getting excited. I did all of the necessary research and then I was ready.

First, I decided that I would use the cabinet doors above my refrigerator to test out my idea. I mean what the heck right? No one really looks up there anyway! So I went for it.

door protrusionfridge cabinet doorsFirst I sanded the doors which had a protrusion on the bottom where the wood was.  I used a belt sander, after of course watching a YouTube video on “how to use a belt sander”. Did I mention that I had never used a power tool before?  And that I was terrified of them?  Next I  lightly sanded the door to roughen up the Formica.  I added lattice trim by first gluing then nailing it to the front of the door. I filled all of the holes with wood filler and sanded everything until it was smooth.  Finally, I was ready for paint. painted cabinet doorsAnd VOILA!!!!! I’m in LOVE!!! And now I had shaker style doors. Well two doors anyway. When hubby came home from work and saw them, he had no idea that these were our original doors. In fact he asked how much each door cost hehe!!!  I immediately got to work on the remaining 21 doors and 8 draws.cabinet doorsOnce all of the doors were ready for paint, I opted to use a sprayer for a smoother finish.paint sprayerAnd yes, once again, I was on YouTube. I wanted to get this right the first time.  kitchen cabinetscabinets finishedkitchen cabinetsAfter spraying the doors and painting the frames with a roller, I let everything dry for 48 hours.  Before putting the doors and draws back on I decided to add some crown molding.  I had budgeted $2000 for this make-over and I was originally going to paint my countertops and backsplash, but with the left over money I opted to go for white subway tile and prefabbed countertops from Home Depot.  I think it all came together perfectly. kitchen before and after 

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