Something Out Of Nothing #30DayFlip

Wood scrapsI love doing monthly flips because it totally challenges and inspires me to be creative. This months flip was no different. I originally was headed straight for my stock pile of leftover wood, but that window was just calling at me and I couldn’t ignore it.

So I got out some cleaning supplies and cleared the cobwebs off of her. Once I scraped the stickers off the window panes, I used a little window cleaner and she was almost ready.

I had a Boxwood wreath that I had purchased from Target several months ago and I pulled a roll of 4″ Burlap Ribbon out of my crafting stash and got to work.

First I waxed the window frame to make for easier dusting.
Burlap Ribbon
I thought the burlap looked a little too plain so I taped it off and used AS Old White Chalk Paint to add a stripe down the center. Once it was dry, I simply put it around the wreath, and stapled it to the back of the window. And I couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome.

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