Outdoor Cushions Go From Drab to FAB!!!

Spring BudsFinally, winter is over (well almost) but Spring is definitely in the air.  Trees and flowers are budding, birds are singing and the sun feels so much warmer.  With Spring on its way, it’s time to get my outdoor space ready for the warmer months, which means  a LOT of work.  I’m  lucky enough to live on the water, but there are some draw backs….  Maintenance Maintenance Maintenance!!!!  The salt water is especially hard on patio furniture.  I’ve most definitely become an expert at spray painting, which triples the life of our furniture for a fraction of the price of buying new. Faded cushion However, what can you do with faded cushions?  Recover them?  I hate sewing and paying some one to do it for me could also cost a small fortune.  Replace them?  To replace them with cushions of equal thickness would cost somewhere around $300 WHAT!!!  It just didn’t seem fair.  I looked into cheaper cushions and actually bought some for around $140.00 with a coupon.

Catalog cushion







but they faded after just 1 month

faded cushions

(my Mother always says, “you get what you pay for”).  Feeling really frustrated, I started searching the internet for ideas.  I came across an ad on AMAZON for Outdoor Fabric Spray Paint, so I checked it out.

Fabric Spray PaintAfter reading reviews and researching the company (Simply Spray) I figured I might as well try it.  According to what I had read, for painting 6 cushions, I would need anywhere from 8 to 10 cans. I ordered 2 six packs for $114.00 and I used 10 cans. Prices will vary depending on the color.

Knowing that my paint was on its way, I started to prep my cushions.  First, I washed my cushions with a mixture of 1 cup of SIMPLE GREEN and 1 cup warm water.  For stained areas I simply used straight SIMPLE GREEN, scrubbed it with a tooth brush and let it sit for 10 minutes before rinsing.  I rinsed all of the cushions really well making sure that all the soap was gone.  Next I propped them up on one end so that the water would drain down and out.  I let them dry until the paint arrived which was two days later.  After carefully reading all of the manufacturers directions, I was ready to get started.  I took a bucket, turned it upside down on the lawn and placed a cushion on top. After the first two cushions I decided it would be much easier and faster to spray them if they were upright. So I devised a production line. production line ofcushions After several light coats, I was finally finished.  I allowed the cushions to dry for a few hours and then put them in my shed for 7 days  while I was busy with other projects.

Sprayed cushions

I was thrilled when I finally put them out. Don’t they look brand new?? Not only do they look great, but they didn’t fade at all!!!!

Before and After