My Old Love

Winters skyFor as long as I can remember, I have always admired a good photograph.  It didn’t matter what the content was, I was more taken in by what the photographer was trying to capture. 

I had purchased a high quality camera after giving birth to my son, because of course you want to capture every second of their life.  I took the camera everywhere we went in the beginning, but after a while I lost interest. I think it was because well, life gets busy with a child.  I found myself using my cell phone more and more and only breaking out the real thing for special occasions.  I even found myself picking out new cell phones more for the quality of their camera. I’ve captured some amazing images with my cell phones over the years, but there’s nothing like my Canon Rebel XTi.  Yes, I know its digital (isn’t everything)!

I recently took my old trusty friend out of the closet. Dusted her off, charged her batteries (yes they took a charge, I was surprised too) and have been snapping away.  Whether I’m capturing a gorgeous sky or a seagull perched atop a piling, I’m enjoying my old love.  She calms me down. There’s something very peaceful about photography.

I know that there are newer beauties out there, but I like my old girl just fine for now.

Check out my new Photography tab and enjoy 🙂